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Accelerating Medical Research

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Making Light Work of Risk and Compliance

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Best in class services for clinical trials.
data management, analytics, FDA and EMA submissions

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Recruitment Solutions

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Making Light Work of Risk and Compliance.

SparkHealth are experts in compliance and we take full responsibility for you to be secure and compliant.
We offer a FULL GDPR solution and a full operational risk management solution.
Ensure organizations have no headaches of finding risk management and compliance solutions.

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Accelerating Medical Research Making.

Castor EDC Amsterdam based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) company. Founded by medical researcher, the tool has captured the Dutch market = all Dutch academic research hospitals are using it since many years. The tool is highly intuitive (uses Machine Learning to guide medical case-building) and helps researchers to build their cases 80% faster (versus using usual applications - Microdoft word/excel, Access, pdfs etc.) These legacy (usual, traditional) tools are not designed for collecting medical or patient data. Castor makes it easy to have data right from the moment of collection - in a standardized form, optimizes the data as it is being build up and makes it easy to have faster, error free data that is compatible with the tools like SPSS, STATA (tools that data scientists apply for creating reports/results) The data from castor is easy to reuse, ensures interoperability with other systems in the labs/hospitals and also ideal for generating reports for quick analysis/verification. Additionally, the Cstor EDC is on par with the latest privacy, security standards and compliant with the EU regulations for data compliance. Apart from being the top #2 EDC tools in Europe, it comes at a very affordable price.

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Artificial Intelligence for addressing mental health and psychological conditions.

X2 uses Artificial intelligence (AI) to provide extremely humane response and guidance to address problems in mental health care. The tool interacts with the user/patient as a chatbot called TESS. I can easily open my phone and message TESS - like how my day was; how I feel; why; where are my thoughts; interpretations etc. TESS gives all through highly guiding and intuitively helping responses and has overall prooved beneficial to ​address conditions like stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, melancholia etc.

All through, there is a group of psychologists and psychiatricts who develop the medical content for TESS and review the extend of patient responses. If at any point, the conversation (with the chatbot, TESS) turns dangerously negative, then the patient is contacted and advised to meet the doctors in person.

TESS is a great tool for screening and catching mental disorders before it gets worse. It is also great for increasing patient adherence/compliance to treatment (improved by 60%) for people getting treatment already.

It is a novel example of how instead of patients always reaching out, the physicians reach out to the patient and make them more aware when to seek active help.

Overall great tool for employers, employees, school children, patients in hospital and OPD, to study the mental effects of clinical trials - so for pharma companies etc.

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Eupraxia provides biostatistics, all forms of CDISC (STDM & ADAM, SEND) coding and support.

Eupraxia and its veteran team are partnering with SparkHealth. Eupraxia offers Spark’s Clinical Trial Platform, together with best in class services. The services range all the way from assisting in designing the trial protocol, data management and training, to FDA and EMA submissions. In addition, Eupraxia provides biostatistics, all forms of CDISC (STDM & ADAM, SEND) coding and support. Spark’s Clinical Trial and Registry Platforms are based on Castor-EDC tools. Castor EDC is the most powerful and leading EDC tool used by academic institutions, medical device companies and in pharma. It is a full cloud based collaborative tool, simple and easy to use, delivers high-value, validated data and is compliant with GDPR, HiPPA and other data privacy regulations.