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Public Health: Do the urban poor delay urban universal health coverage in India?

Many health planners, local bodies and general literate people see urban population as one unit of literate, financially sound and well informed population, seeking health care when needed; Health infrastructure is more than required. Cumulative data is the reason for this misconception while the actual situation among urban poor may be worse than their rural counterparts. Urban health would make the biggest impact in global health and is also the most challenging particularly taking care of the population at highest risk.
Government influences the health of urban populations by providing municipal services, regulating activities that affect health, and setting the parameters for urban development. Government policies can exacerbate or reduce social
inequality and support living conditions that promote or damage health.
Oncology: BAG-1 protein prolongs cell survival.

BAG-1 (Bcl-2-associated athanogene-1) is a cytoprotective protein that blocks programmed cell death, which may be of paramount importance for human cancerogenesis. This molecular agent promotes cell survival due to its interaction with Bcl-2 as well as RA-induced decreased level of Bcl-2. To date, BAG-1 expression has been implicated in breast, lung, laryngeal and oral cavity cancers. It acts cardioprotectively and neuroprotectively whilst increasing the nerve
cell survival rate. Its elevated levels accelerate neuronal cell differentiation. Thus its overexpression in brain cells inadvertently protects against brain attack due to its major roles in cell stress induced by hy poxia, radiation and treatment with cytotoxic drugs.
Medical Education: Experience of sexual harrasment among nursing students in clinical settings in private nursing colleges in Kathmandu Valley.

Over the last decade, the pervasiveness and the cost of sexual harassment, a
manifestation of sex‐based discrimination, has become a growing concern at
the national and international level. This study aims to assess the experience of
sexual harassment among nursing students in the clinical settings.

A cross ‐sectional research design was carried out in 2017 in three private
nursing colleges, Kathmandu.