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Castor EDC and SparkHealth B.V. partner to set up an exclusive India network to distribute the Castor Electronic Data Capture (EDC) data capture solutions while addressing the needs of patient-trial data recording in the medical institutions, pharmaceuticals and medical device companies in the region. .

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 5th March 2018 – SparkHealth B.V. and Castor EDC jointly announce their partnership on an exclusive distribution agreement for India. SparkHealth B.V., a top medical industry innovator in data science Will under the terms of the agreement, market, sell, and support Castor EDC in its entire portfolio of secure trial data capture and management solutions. “We are very proud to be partnering with SparkHealth. Castor EDC is focused on accelerating medical research and helping organizations seamlessly, electronically capture and manage medical research data. Castor EDC successfully delivers easy to use and secure clinical trial data capture solutions. By partnering with SparkHealth, we are looking forward to establishing a strong presence in the rapidly growing medical research scene in India.” said dr. Derk Arts, CEO of Castor EDC.

“We believe that Castor EDC is one of the upcoming Dutch Healthcare companies uniquely positioned to make a major impact on how medical data is captured, managed and shared. SparkHealth offers our services and networks to guide, scale and the support the growth of Castor EDC globally.” said Dr. Deepti Panicker, co-founder of SparkHealth. Our teams are aligned and together we are ready to make an impact.”

About SparkHealth: SparkHealth is a data-science innovator that bridges the gaps between improving the quality and affordability of healthcare. SparkHealth aims at providing the patient and the physician with the data and the knowledge to improve and take responsibility for their personal health. For this, SparkHealth connects together the healthcare providers, payers, data scientists, and innovators by creating partnerships and sustainable collaborations within an innovations network. In addition to introducing well-established big data and AI tools in healthcare, SparkHealth provides strategic advice and access to a distribution network to select innovative medical companies.

About Castor EDC: Castor EDC is a next generation electronic data capture system for medical research. The goal of Castor EDC is to enable global data reuse in medical research, starting with an easy to use and secure EDC. With over 12000 active users and 2500 current studies running, the system is proud to count some of the most renowned institutions among its registered users: the Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam), the RadboudMC (Nijmegen), the King’s College Hospital (London) – to name a few. The system provides an easy to use, secure and compliant EDC that enables global data reuse in medical research. Since its founding in 2012 in Amsterdam, Castor EDC has been widely accepted in all leading Dutch academic research hospitals.

Media Contact:
Suganya Ramar
Research and customer success consultant
SparkHealth® India